Register No.2 Functional Safety Certification Body


Safety Environment Management Association Inc.

Safety Environment Management Association

Security Policy

Safety Environment Management Association (SEMA) has defined the following information security policy to prevent authorized access, loss, damage, falsification, leakage, etc. to the information provided by the client. By this policy, we will promote the information security by thoroughly recognizing and addressing its importance for all officials.

1. Scope of Information

Followings are the information scope which SEMA will ask you to be provide as necessary.

a. Disclosed information

b. Name, address, e-mail address, department, telephone number and fax number per each Responsible and Contact person for the application,

c. Specification sheet, drawings and quality manual

d. Detailed manufacturing information, cooperating company information of the critical parts

e. Sales information (current and future marketing details, etc.)

f. Other information required for estimate, test, evaluation and certification

2. Purpose of using information

Those information will be used for assessment, evaluation and certification etc. purposes.

3. Prohibition of disclosure and provision of personal information to third parties

SEMA properly control the information provided and will not disclose them to any third parties unless it falls under any of the followings,

a. If there is agreement with the client

b. When it is necessary to disclose based on laws and/or ordinances.

4. Information security measures

In order to ensure the accuracy and safety of information, SEMA takes every possible measures for the security.

The information provided by the client will be disposed by SEMA responsibly after one year from the business completion date except for Clause 1-b

5. Information modification, deletion etc.

If the client wishes to correct or delete your own information, we will confirm that you are the principal and will respond.

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