Register No.2 Functional Safety Certification Body


Safety Environment Management Association Inc.

Safety Environment Management Association

Our Services

SEMA will offer following six services according to your R&D and marketing strategies.

1. Conformity Assessment and certification to standards.

(1) Functional safety assessment and certification Functional safety assessment and certification based on “Functional safety guideline” of Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in Japan (MHLW) IEC 61508 as Accredited body by Japanese Government

(2) Risk assessment and evaluation of machineries based on ISO 12100 and “Guidelines for the Comprehensive Safety Standards of Machinery” Japan issued by MHLW

(3) Validation for your Technical Construction File

(4) Supporting your certification activity in order to get each country certification.

2. Safety assessment, evaluation, and standard development of your front-line products.

3.Consulting on explosion protection of electrical equipment and non-electrical equipment.

4.Assess and support to the organization or the personal who commit for the safety and the environment.

5.Proposal of optimal certification acquisition method and maintenance considering investment efficiency.

6.Disclosure of our technical information for the development of next-generation human resources.

Actual Results

  1. Explosion-proof workshop in house
  2. ATEX and/or IECEx audit
  3. Assessment and certification for Functional Safety.
  4. Risk assessment for explosion of plant, then explain result to the local authority and the fire station.
  5. Supporting IECEx, ATEX certification
  6. Seminar lecture hosted by Japan Industrial Publishing Co., Ltd. and posting to other technical specialized papers.
  7. Light curtain technical consultation.
  8. Requested testing (High voltage, intrinsic safety, Explosion, IP)
  9. Explosion proof consultation (Flame proof “d”, Pressurized enclosure "p", intrinsic safety ”i” )

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