Register No.2 Functional Safety Certification Body


Safety Environment Management Association Inc.

Safety Environment Management Association


The goal of our activities is to promote dissemination of knowledge on occupational health and safety and to further improve technologies to prevent accidents and disasters, and to reduce the environmental impact caused by industry activities.


Association officials will make maximum efforts to realize their dreams through work because of that effort leads to a rich life and rewarding. Association officials always think of contributing to society, and never forget the gratitude. Association officials are proud of their activities, and even if they are in a narrow world, they must aim to be the leading person among them. Association officials must strive to achieve their common objective. The common objective is the business policy set to achieve the goal.


Social oriented

We constantly have a broad perspective on whether our activities are consistent with the social demands and always ask ourselves.

Customer oriented

If "Customer’s request" matches social demands, it can be realized by SEMA.


We will try to develop business horizontally based on technology and knowledge cultivated in specific fields. We will try to improve the spiral of business quality by feeding back the horizontally developed business activities.


We will continuously do challenge and change ourselves. To that end, we will make great efforts to synthesize technology and knowledge to sublimate to wisdom (Information to Intelligence).


Always to be as a specialist, we will establish a system directly connected with stakeholders around the world.


We are professional and always give result. To realize the above, we continuously do effort to grow and develop of the association itself.

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